About the NPLCC GIS Data Inventory

The NPLCC conducted an inventory of GIS data sets. The focus of the inventory was on:

  1. Foundational data sets such as hydrography, DEMs, land cover/vegetation, and others
  2. Climate change-related spatial data
  3. Data sets related to the 5 science priorities of the NPLCC:

    • Effects of hydrologic regime shifts on rivers, streams, and riparian corridors
    • Effects of change in air temperature and precipitation on Forests
    • Effects of changes in sea levels and storms on marine shorelines, the nearshore and estuaries
    • Effects of changes in hydrologic regimes on anadromous fish
    • Invasive species, diseases, pests and their effects on biological communities

The goal of the data inventory was simply to document what data exists. We did not download data and make it available in one place. Several of these datasets are actively managed, so we did not want to store layers that will become obsolete over time.

In essence, this is a metadata database. You can either browse or search the database. When you click on a data record, you will be taken out of DataBasin and into the USGS-funded data management system called ScienceBase. From ScienceBase, you can fully explore the metadata record and for most, find the link to download the data.

This inventory is not static. It is meant to be an evolving inventory and library of conservation, climate change, and natural resources information at the landscape scale. If there are datasets you feel are missing, please contact Tom Miewald at Thomas_miewald@fws.gov.