About the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative

The North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative Conservation Planning Atlas (CPA) is a resource for multiple agencies and organizations engaging in landscape scale conservation within the North Pacific region.  The North Pacific region is data-rich.  However, much of these data are dispersed throughout different agency websites and portals.  One of the roles of the North Pacific LCC is to integrate and synthesize conservation, climate change, and natural resources data across boundaries and organizations.  This current version (v 1.0) of the Conservation Planning Atlas is a first step towards implementing this vision.  

Within the NPLCC CPA you’ll find:
  • Data and information that the NPLCC has funded since 2011. 
  • A series of “galleries” for different topics relevant for the North Pacific geography.   These galleries contain a curated selection of data layers.  
  • Mapping tools to visualize and overlay the various layers within the CPA, and the whole DataBasin archive. 
  • The ability to browse and search our ever-expanding GIS Data Inventory with over 900 different data layers identified. 
The CPA also provides tools for collaboration.  Projects focused around a particular geography or conservation issue can develop “groups”.  Groups can be used to upload and share data, set permissions on data sets, and collaboratively visualize map products. 

Other LCCs, particularly in the Southeast US, have developed the CPA and DataBasin concept.  The NPLCC is building off of those efforts, and the efforts of the LCC-funded Integrated Data Management Network.