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Nov 21, 2014 (Last modified Jun 13, 2015)
Uploaded by Erin Butts
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On 2/3/2014, the ALI Core Team agreed on the spatial priorities shown in this
map. They include priority core areas (PCAs) from this analysis as well as high
priority linkages identified by the WHCWG.

The Marxan PCAs (in blues and greens) are ranked by their contributions
to under-represented targets. Under-represented targets are defined as those
with less than their ALI percentage goal (at medium overall levels) currently
falling within lands with GAP protected status 1 – 3.  Contributions (percent of
targets inside of PCA) were summed across targets for each PCA, and then
normalized by PCA size to derive a ranking index.

The WHCWG linkages (in fire colors) were ranked in their 2013 analysis of
linkage centrality. The “very high” and “high” centrality composite linkages
were chosen as priority areas by the ALI. Areas where over four WHCWG focal
species connectivity networks overlap are also ALI priorities
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