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Geographer/Conservation Planner with USFWS
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Tom Miewald is a Geographer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and specializes in mapping and modeling spatial aspects of wildlife for applied conservation planning problems. Currently, Mr. Miewalds' focus is on providing decision support for the wildlife refuge system across multiple spatial scales. Prior to working for the USFWS, Tom was the Conservation Planner for the Wild Salmon Center, helping to prioritize salmon conservation actions internationally. Tom has also been a Project Manager and Lead Analyst for several large federal vegetation and land cover mapping projects, including the USGS GAP program, NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program, and the USGS National Land Cover Dataset. Mr. Miewald has also developed a GIS facility in Cameroon. Mr. Miewald has a master's degree in Geography and a Bachelors in Environmental Studies from the University of Nebraska.
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